Eternal Happiness

Safiya Al Nuaimi shares with us her views and opinions on how to achieve Eternal Happiness. Enjoy

I don’t claim to be a life coach or an expert in anything but I am willing to share nothing but my experience. Eternal happiness. How come I have it and others don’t? I guess my set of morals, rules, and beliefs is behind my ever-lasting smile.

First comes faith. With being grateful to God and to his never-ending blessings we reach to nothing but happiness and peace. Compare yourself to innocent people who undergo poverty, to homeless people with no shelters, to people who lost their houses during storms and just thank God your case is not even close to these miseries. Whatever harsh condition you’re going through, remember there are people with much worse cases. Be thankful, be cheerful, be positive and smile.

Second comes diversity. Diversity keeps me sane. I got inspired by an article I read few years back entitled “A Day in the Life of a Minimalist” where the writer expresses his routine-free lifestyle. Similarly, I have no routine. I cannot stand doing the same activity two days-in-a-row. I can doodle in the morning one day, and head out for coffee the other day. I can spend the evening watching tv series one day, and spend the other day shopping. Having a routine kills the fun out of everything. Be bold, stand out, do something you don’t normally do, push yourself out of your comfort zone, do the unexpected, and life will be spectacular.

Third comes positivity. Enforce positivity on yourself, and your surrounding will all be better. Ever noticed how when you smile, you force others to smile along? If you have the power of controlling the whole atmosphere with your happiness, why not spread it around? I noticed that when I take matters with optimism, I change the other person’s perspective as well. I have the power of giving people confidence just by supporting them. I removed the focus on the negatives and set

my focus on my strengths, which is helping, supporting, and pushing people forward. Be positive, and watch your problems fade away gradually.

Last thing comes appreciation. Appreciate yourself and your singularity and the smile will never vanish. I am very open about my weirdness and appreciate how different I am. At some point, appreciation wasn’t there and life always seemed cruel. I woke up one day and said, “This is who I am. Take it or leave it. I’m not changing for anyone. I am willing to alter my flaws but I refuse to transform for anyone.” So what if I like hanging out with people younger than me? So what if I enjoy watching horror movies? So what if I don’t like unplanned hangouts? So what if I’m different? I admire who I am, and what I have become. I also appreciate the different personalities I come across every day. Be considerate, be thoughtful, and accept difference and life will always be wonderful.

To sum everything up, all you need for eternal happiness is faith, diversity, positivity, and appreciation along with a dash of your incredible personality. Just smile and watch your days become more exciting. Add new activities to the table, and live this life with a purpose. Our world is in so much need of originality, so add your flavor to your days and avoid imitating. Get inspired but don’t copy other people’s work. You have an exceptional brain filled up with original ideas. Use your imagination and enjoy your life.

Author: Safiya Al Nuaimi


3 thoughts on “Eternal Happiness

  1. Such an amazing peace.. Very inspiring and thoughtful. May everyone be blessed with eternal happiness 😀

  2. This made me smile. I really admire your optimism and your positive outlook on life. There’s a very pleasant ‘voice’ to your writing that I think is very important for any writer to create. Well done, Safiya!

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