The Silent Scream

Maryam AbdulAziz, whom we found to have a unique style of writing with her submissions has graced us with another piece for the June theme “Words” We hope you enjoy

It’s amazing. How disoriented my mind is, how destroyed my soul feels, and how paralyzed I am. But yet, I could perfectly feel the fire burn inside my throat as it ached for freedom. Impotent. Impotent weakling, with feet laying on a bed of fire, that had my feet as its feast. It really is amazing, how organic matter controls the pain.

Then I tried to let my words flow, yet a bolt rested its keen edge deeply into whatever was left of my burning neck.

The bolt dug deeper into my flesh, and allowed streams of intoxicated blood to cascade down my neck, and spread its heart-churning stench. They boiled ,as they sped down my burning throat. And their screams, like a child pulled away from his mother, murdered the small power I had left inside of me.

So now I stay silent. With my blood and my bolt. I Allowed my blood to scream, allowed the fire to burn my throat, have a feast on my feet. While I kept my lips sealed, until the day I had become a part of my earth.

Dear readers,


If you have ever held your emotions and bottled them up, if you allowed them to completely destroy you. Then that, is who you are, right at this very moment. And not to be hypocritical, that’s me too. I keep lying to myself, telling myself I’m going to “A-Okay!” Which was stupid. Correction, is. But, anyway, my point is, that “burning throat” is the power of your words. And the things your words create are indestructible. But if you never let them out, they’re just going to stay there forever, burning inside of you. Because your honest words, entirely, are your emotions. And your expressed emotions, equate to your freedom.


And the problem with these words is that Nobody truly understands the power these letters have. The effects they can lead to, and what they are capable of. These empty little letters you see every day, hear of everyday, are builders, who are not


afraid to destroy. Innovators, who are not afraid to shatter, and Power that is not afraid ignite the dying spark inside of you, or make it look like it wasn’t there in the first place. But, as careless and ungrateful as we are, we tend to throw this great power around as if we were even rich. None of us realize how privileged we are, and how much strength our little tongue can hold.


And to all of those who said “Art speaks what words cannot.” I laugh at you. Because, words ARE art. They are self-expression, they are the raw material a writer uses to create the world that cannot be projected into this physical world as an inanimate object. They are your imagination, and your conscience. They are your thoughts, and your thoughts are your art. Your art is your priority, and your priority is your privacy, and your privacy is your property. This property cannot be edited nor is it tangible. It is art. And I will forever repeat, and hold high its true identity.


Its identity, allows me to spill that big bottle of emotions out onto a piece of paper, which is exactly why I love to write. I mean, I definitely am not the greatest, nor am I the wittiest, but I am passionate. This is what I love. This is where I can pour my soul out, and be careless of what other people may say, because it just doesn’t matter. This is my source of energy. It is where my joviality originates, where all good things can come to play. It’s where power creates something magnificent, extraordinary.

P.S. Your words are like chemicals, if used wisely, you can be revolutionary.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, yes this has all been purposely bolded, just to show you an example of how every single word spoken, carries great importance.


A screamer.

Author: Maryam AbdulAziz


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