15 Year old Alia Al-Hazami has sent us another article about Insecurities, bullying and people’s general attitude. A powerful subject matter so We hope you enjoy

Insecurities can murder humanity! I’m not being dramatic, they certainly can. They can also cause madness and some serious self damage. We live in a world full of reckless humans who don’t think about the consequences of their doings.

A simple sentence like “You’re fat” can make a girl loath her appearance for her entire life, but a simple sentence like “You look pretty today” can be the reason behind a girl’s smile for a whole day. Small gestures can make someone’s day worth living.

People should be nicer! Many teenagers are taking away their lives because of being bullied. Bullying has gone over the top lately to the point where many campaigns, movies and groups are being created to stop it.

I’m sure bullies have insecurities and instead of dealing with them they decide on taking them out on others. I seriously don’t get them! Don’t they know how it feels to have insecurities? Don’t they know how horrible it is to live with them? It makes living harder, so why in the world would they want someone to go through the hardships they’re going through? The one reasonable explanation for someone to be this cruel is that they’re either blinded by jealousy or they’re going through the same issue.

It all doesn’t make sense to me. Those people need therapy as soon as possible before seriously injuring someone. Kids cut, starve and kill themselves on a daily basis because of being bullied!

The first step to stopping bullying is knocking some sense into bullies, their minds must be penetrated and their way of thinking must be changed entirely! And if that doesn’t work then legal action should be taken against them, as this is a serious problem! Voluntarily acting like an inhuman beast only indicates that the person or should I say monster is in a desperate need of psychological help.

No one is flawless, everyone has insecurities, but everyone is sure to be perfect in their own way. My advice to everyone with insecurities or whoever’s being bullied is to strut it! Please stay strong and walk around with confidence. Keep focusing on your better features and it’ll help make you feel better about yourself, and most importantly be polite and say “thanks for making me a fighter” to the soulless bully. Everyone is beautiful and doesn’t deserve to be mistreated. Proving that you’re strong will make living your life much more exciting and entertaining.

AuthorAlia Al-Hazami


12 thoughts on “Mistreated‏

  1. Nice Article very inspirational, some people are bullied by there parent others by society and sometimes even friends can be bullies, but its always important to stand up for yourself and be proud thanks for the great article I think it will help many people and bullies.

  2. What a great article Alia! I’m so proud of you. Looking forward for the day where I’ll be holding a book written by you and enjoying reading it. Love you!

  3. Hey Alia- good for you for writing about bullying. It’s something I’ve struggled with when I was younger, and as you grow older, you realize that, yes, there needs to be more awareness, and there needs to be consequences.

    Just a piece of advice on your writing dear: Keep in mind how you want to structure your writing. The more structured you are in what you want the message to be, or what you want to tell your reader, the bigger the impact if of what you’re writing.

    Well done, and keep it up. =)

    1. I’m glad you like it!!! Inshallah, I’m working on my structuring. Great advice, will keep it in mind. Thank you!

  4. Sad, but true.. I agree with you, and think that we should stop bullying one step at a time!

  5. This is exactly what I have been thinking for ages now, about bullies. I do think that we all should start with finding a solution for bullies before going to the bullied ones. Everyday there are cases presented about kids and teenagers killing themselves because of bullies. All they need is hope and someone to pull them back on their legs again.

    One of my goals, inshallah, is to help these mistreated people.

    Thank you for the beautifully written article, keep it up!

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