Falling Stars

A poem by Asma A.J which she wrote on a whim and decided to share with us. We hope you enjoy it ^^

Once, there were stars in their eyes,


There were smiles on their lips


All words, light

Wonderful, happy

Where have you left it?

Those beautiful lips that

Kissed your forehead

Cracked down from your harsh tongue

Those beautiful words, nurturing, encouraging,

Everything you needed

Chocked in sadness from your harsh gaze

And those eyes— oh those eyes!

Where have those stars gone?


Down their cheeks, beautiful, sad

Those tears you made fall…

Those tears will be the fuel

Those tears will be engraved

In me

A promise

To never forget

And for you

To remember

Author: Asma A.J

Author’s Note: Not much of a poetry person (hence the angst), but I enjoyed the space experimentation!


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