Blood On The Carpet

We debut a haunting poem by 16 year old Shamma Al Falasi titled Blood on the Carpet. Enjoy

It seems like a dream,

You just can’t begin to process the reality of it.

Bad things begin to happen before your very eyes,

You begin to pinch yourself,

Over and over again.

Then the reality of what’s happening sets in

And your body freezes.

You want to move,

Save the day and protect.

But your limbs and brain thinks otherwise.

You watch the action in front of you happen,

A gasp leaves your lips.

His lips are curled back in a snarl,

The smell of the alcohol he drank earlier emitting from his harsh breathing.

Her head is hidden between her shielded hands,

A breath of relief rushes out between your lips.

It’s okay.

She used her hands to shield her.

You’re okay.

She’s okay.

And unfortunately, he’s okay.

But then, she lifts her head up

And her hair moves out of the way.

You want to throw up at the sight.

Gushes of red blood cascades down her beautiful face,

You watch it pitter-patter onto the red Persian carpet you know she loves so much.

You watch the tears drop down from her tightly clutched eyes.

At this point,

You want to scream.

You want to yell.

You want fall down to your knees and just shriek.

But you can’t even move.

You watch him verbally abuse her with brutal insults,

But you still don’t do anything.

You would if you could,

But you can’t.

The one image you can’t forget and is scarred deep into your brain from that horrid night is the dried up drops of blood on that Persian carpet.

Author: Shamma Al Falasi 

Credit: Banner background was used from the wallpaper created by “Clarabellafaire @*DyingBeautyStock”


2 thoughts on “Blood On The Carpet

  1. I absolutely loved it!
    I swear the entire time I’m reading it was as if a movie was playing in my mind.
    Keep up the good work!
    Hope to see more of your work in the future!

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