Be The Change

We debut a poem written by Latifa AlGhaferi. This piece was inspired a quote “be the change you wish to see in the world” by Gandhi.. Enjoy!

She sat crossed-legged on the floor

Staring at all the screens around

The fires eating up cities whole

The wars ripping families apart

The famines and droughts burying civilizations

The natural disasters showing the true colors of the world


When did our world become such a place?

Where brother turns on brother for power and fame

Where sacrifices are made for the good of the whole

Where love and friendship can’t conquer it all


When did we abandon our fathers’ ways?

When did our loyalties begin to change?

We took the road less traveled and gone amiss

It’s time to stop now and swallow our pride

Join hands and form a human wall

To face what the future holds


She stood up and walked to the window

We had two options; sit on the sidelines waiting for our saviors

Or be the change we’re waiting for

We were the cause of all this

The choice to end it is in our hands

Author: Latifa AlGhaferi


2 thoughts on “Be The Change

  1. I loved the poem. You are a great poet and I hope to see more from you. Keep it up!! You have a great style and flexibility in writing poems. You can create vivid images with your words.

    Good luck! 😀

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