Self Publishing with the Shelter Dubai

Untitled Chapters have received an email from the wonderful Noura Noman letting us know about a opportunity for inspiring writers to have their work showcased and sell their work.

Shelter Dubai, an entrepreneurship incubator space, is designing a program that will celebrate, exhibit and sell the work of aspiring writers based in the region.

We are looking for young authors who would be able to self-publish samples of their work, either in English or in Arabic. We will showcase each author for 2 – 4 weeks.

As a young author, we encourage you to participate in this program!

Here are the requirements:

  • Ability to be present at Shelter for a launch to talk about their work.
  • Willingness to self-publish at least 30 copies of a sample work which we will sell at Shelter – profits to go to the author. The self-publishing can be as simple or complicated as they want to make it. Could be print outs that are stapled or more elaborate.
  • Allow us to post information about them and promote their work on the Shelter website.
  • All genres are acceptable: poetry, journalism, fiction, non-fiction, etc.
  • Well written, without grammar mistakes – authors wishing to participate will be vetted and selected based a criteria. Not based on ideas, but on good writing. Obviously nothing politically objectionable can be promoted at Shelter.

If you are able and interested to participate, please let Shelter Dubai or the Untitled Chapters know to obtain the email that they can contact the concerned person with

Looking forward to perhaps seeing some of you self published

– Untitled Chapters Team


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