Emirates Airline Festival Of Literature 2012

This has always been one of our favorite events of the year and after 4 years now; it is still better than ever. The Untitled Chapters Team was thrilled to spend the 8th – 10th of March 2012 in this years Emirates Airline Festival Of Literature. We would like to share a few of what we have been up to…

Dubai Abulhoul: The Launch of Galagolia

Galagolia has officially launched in bookstores and its writer Dubai Abulhoul was such a delight on stage. She demonstrated that age is truly just a number! If you have a dream follow it and do it today, don’t wait. Such an inspiring figure to Young Writers who might doubt their chances of getting published, take Dubai as an example that it can happen if you are passionate about what you do.

Qais Sedki: Master of Emirati Manga

Qais has launched the Gold Ring Vol 2 in Arabic and Vol 1 in English which got many of the reader hooked! He did a great job with discussing the Arabic language; the Gold Ring; the process of Manga making and compared it to Japan (which really you can’t compete with with the demand over there) He also briefed about the publishing company that in the future he would like to work with other artists and writers to publish their own work into print but not at the moment


 Both Ladies mentioned below have really taken childrens book to a whole new level! Both Noura and Maitha captivated children (and adults) with their session and their stories 

Noura Al Noman

Maitha Al Kayat

and so many more…

See you in 2013!

– Untitled Chapters Team


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