Al Mataf school event Highlights

After weeks of planning; it has finally come.

On the 1st of March, the Untitled Chapters Team along with the lovely ladies from The Book Shelter visited the Al Mataf School for Girls to participate in the school’s Reading Week, which was organized by the teachers of the school, who we found to be absolutely fantastic with the devotion and passion to get the girls into reading.

This was not something we could pass up so we were thrilled so have the opportunity to take part with the schools, the ladies of The Book Shelter and of course the students in this event.

We’ve driven to Ras Al Kaima to conduct a writing workshop for the students in order to get their creative juices going. This workshop was to give the students a chance to write their own stories, have them illustrated by themselves or by their friends and create a book filled with their stories and illustrations! This was to show them the rewards of what was it like to have their work in an actual hard cover book and perhaps it will inspire some of them to take up Creative Writing as their passion.

Founder Fatma Al Bannai has led the workshop and was assisted by both the teachers and The Book Shelter Team in getting the students excited about the activity. The time that was spent flew and before we knew it, creativity was out of the roof with the stories that these girls came up with.

We simply cannot wait to get a hold of the stories and turn them into an actual book. The Book Shelter team will actually have limited copies to giveaway on Twitter and Facebook so follow them for updates =D

Some Snapshots of the day:

The Classroom. We absolutely loved the colorful inspiring room!

Our Welcome =)

Shelves, soon to be filled by The Book Shelter Team

Posters created by the students, we love that they have such a passion for reading ❤

We particularly loved this one, very true!

Girl’s work. Soon to be a hardback book =)

We would love to extend our heartfelt thank you to the Al Mataf School and their teachers for giving us the opportunity to do this. Thank you to The Book Shelter Team for organizing this and of course giving us the opportunity to meet with such wonderful and creative young writers, the students of the Al Mataf School for Girls

– Untitled Chapters Team


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