The Leader Instinct

Sometimes a good speech is enough for a long awaited wake up call for some ‘leaders’, Amna Al Falasi shares with us a short story that she wrote about just that

Disclaimer: This short story is pure fiction and is only used for creative writing purposes only. Rights to this belongs to the author 

He squinted his sharp eyes while adjusting his Ghuttra admiring his tanned smooth skin, smiling at his reflection at the huge custom made Armani mirror behind the desk. The annual shareholder’s meeting is starting in exactly one hour and there is no time to waste. He called in his assistant, a sexy tall blond woman in high red soles heels and an elegant suit, she gave him a black file that carried confidential information on the shareholder members. He gazed at her loveliness and prided himself for always picking the pretty ones

He looked at his watch, its time to greet the angry mob, as he approaching the meeting room armed with two exotically beautiful women at his side, he was obstructed by a member who is a reputable senior official and demanded a private meeting with him. He agreed as they were former acquaintances and distant relatives as well as he was interested to see what the official will say. They both enter a relatively small meeting room leaving the twins guarding the door.

“Mr.Official I’m late for the shareholder’s meeting and because I respect you I will only allow you 10 minutes, commence please”.

“You are a powerful CEO of one of the most significant RealEstate companies and I respect your achievements and what you are doing for your country. However, I would urge you for once to look deeply within your conscience and think of all the members who believed in this organization from the beginning and have supported you by investing their money and soul. Every year you hold this meeting and you know its a joke and I request don’t hold this charade anymore, try to respect the shareholders and give them back what they deserve and stop robbing them”.

“Mr. Official !! As a CEO I know exactly what I’m doing and I’ll be leaving right now”.

“Before you leave I have something to tell you, a true courageous leader is only known by being compassion towards his people, joins them in celebrating their successes and to always be there in sharing their miseries and losses. Who empower people to achieve their goals and ensure that they prosper and flourish mentally and spiritually. Although personally you have achieved prosperity and icon status, you created lots of enemies and its only a matter of time that terrible consequences will come crashing down on your head, mark my words . A person true character shines through when he is granted a high position like yours but I’m sorry to say that you have failed miserably in honoring this gift”.

After approximately four hours, fuming shareholders shove the door open with threats of prosecution and complaints. The CEO heads back to his mahogany and gold embellished office, locks the door and throws himself on the black leather sofa and closes his eyes. The twins have offered to give him a massage but he refused which was a first indeed.

He can’t stop thinking about Mr.Official words which has undoubtedly resinated deeply within his core. He walks towards the mirror, stares at his reflection and what he saw frightened him so deeply, his image looked distorted and grotesque.

Upon this realization he takes the mirror and with huge force, throws it on the floor , leaves the office and never looks back……

Author: Amna Al-Falasi


5 thoughts on “The Leader Instinct

  1. Loved the article well I had a discussion group in college that talks about the same topic! its a loss I did not use ur points quoted of course 😉

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