The Book Shelter: Help Al Mataf Girls Read

Untitled Chapters has teamed up with The Book Shelter Team in their latest project called “Help Al Mataf Girls Read”

The goal of this project is to provide Al- Mataf Girls School in Ras al Khaimah’s under-equipt liberary and classrooms with books for their students because the teachers in that school are firm believers that reading is one of the most essential things in a child’s life and are very passionate about reading and spreading the love of books to their students. These teachers are indeed true leaders which could inspire the next generation of readers and leaders because the girls are indeed very excited about reading books! However there is a problem:

The total number of books that are now available in the school library and classroom: ZERO!

This alone is enough to have both the Untitled Chapters team and The Book Shelter Team to strive in order help this school reach the following goals:

  • To provide enough books to stock two grades (6 & 7) with classroom libraries
  • To provide audio books for the Learning Centre. Audio books are essential tools used to teach language skills.

The school is going to host a Reading charity event in March to raise money and awareness for this cause; Untitled Chapters will be participating in that week with our own contribution. Conducting Creative Writing Workshop for these students, have them write a story and then produce a book with all of the stories that the students wrote; which means that they will practically have their work printed and produced in an actual physical book. This book will be placed in each classroom. Having that book in hand; we know that we can inspire at least one girl to have more of her stories published in the future.

How can you help?

  1.  Donations! Donations! Donations! If you have children’s books, Young Adult Books, Audio books, or Junior dictionary books please donate them to help build quality libraries for our children. You can contact the Untitled Chapter founder Fatma Al Bannai or through out twitter account if you are in Dubai and would like to donate. If you not from Dubai you can contact The Book Shelter Team so that they can collect you donations
  2. If you would like to be a ‘Donation Station’ and help us collect book donations from around the Emirates we would be grateful! Tell us which Emirate you can collect donations from and we will contact you when there is a donation that needs to be picked up in your area.
  3. Are you fluent in English AND Arabic? We are in need of people to translate different materials from English to Arabic. If you’re interested, we’d love to have you on board!
  4. The Teachers at Al Mataf Girls School want to encourage their students to read by pasting inspirational posters around the school relating to reading and books.
      • Are you a designer who can design posters?
      • Do you want to donate purchased posters to this school?
      • Would you like to take care of printing/copying costs?

Contact The Book Shelter Team if you wish to contribute in any of the above activities. The Untitled Chapters members are also more than welcome to join in and participate in such a fantastic event

More coverage on this event can be found in The Book Shelter Website here and here

Check out The Book Shelter Twitter account here

Check out their website here


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