Free Spirit

Maryam Al Mansoori shares with us a piece of poetry which represents moving on and learning, to become a leader of yourself

The tears of happiness , crawl down my face..

Shaking as they fall , from the emotions they carry

Feelings of misery, for me they’d always chase..

To a point where I thought, “depression”  I would marry

Passed through cracked pavements.. To reach my destination

Broken hearted many times , fell through traps as well

Hurt by my closest friends, forgave them by their persuasion

Lost many by force , but I wouldn’t complain & tell

Wondering why the tears falling are  happy tears?

Cause everything I’ve done helped me learn and grow!

Managed to get through by strength and overcame my fears..

And finally gave the green light to my emotions.. To show,

Now I’m the leader of my My sky of misery slowly clears

Author: Maryam Al Mansoori


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