Emirates Diaries Magazine: Submission Guidelines

Following up with our post about the Emirates Diaries Magazine and its team; they informed us that they welcome articles submitted from the members of Untitled Chapters and pretty much anyone who has a passion to writing. Founder, Fatma Al Bannai has had a chat with Maryam Al Mansoori, one of the founders of the magazine,  and they were both excited to have both teams work together to deliver the best quality articles with diverse topics and styles.

The Emirates Diaries has opened up submissions to articles.

Article Submission Guidelines:

  1. Article should be written exclusively for the magazine, which means that an article which was already written and is published somewhere will not be eligible to be published in the magazine. This also applies to the articles that have been published in the magazine; it should not be published to other sources, blogs or magazines after it has been submitted and published within the Emirates Diaries Magazine.
  2. Articles should maintain a close theme to the following sections that the magazine will cover:
  • Initiatives
  • Fashion and Cosmetics
  • Out & About
  • Fitness & Health
  • History
  • Huroof aka حروف
  • Sports & Cars
  • Travel
  • Technologies
  • Entertainment
  • Islamic
  • Art & Architecture

Deadline for article submissions for the 1st issue; which as we mentioned in the previous post would most likely come out in May 2012 should be submitted before the 15th of March 2012.

Happy Writing

– Untitled Chapters Team


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