Emirates Diaries Magazine

It is the latest Emirati Initiative which has created a massive response and buzz over twitter and the Emirati Community. The newly formed Emirates Diaries Magazine which was founded, run, written and photographed by young ambitious Emiratis who come from different background to unite under this project.

This Magazine is set to feature a wide variety of interests which come under the one unified piece.

The Categories that the magazine will cover include:

  • Initiatives
  • Fashion and Cosmetics
  • Out & About
  • Fitness & Health
  • History
  • Huroof aka حروف
  • Sports & Cars
  • Travel
  • Technologies
  • Entertainment
  • Islamic
  • Art & Architecture

One is our very own member Maryam Al Mansoori is one of the founders of this magazine in which she states the follows:

“What made us make this magazine is that we were strolling down Eppco Stations and so. We didn’t find a magazine that focuses on Emirati Youth. There is no magazine in the market that caught my eye which does that. I’ve always asked why don’t they make a magazine which is does that then I said WHY DON’T I MAKE ONE.

Our goals are to prove that Emiratis’ are more than just consumers, instead we want to showcase the youth within our country with this magazine. Our second goal is to inspire Emiratis to get up and do something because everything within this magazine is related to them and they are the main contributors to it. The reason why we chose to do the magazine in English is because it is an international language and since our main goal is to prove ourselves to the outside world then English is the best way to communicate just that; but we did add two sections in Arabic within the poetry and Islamic sections”

The Magazine will be a quarterly feature that will be issued every 4 months. The team is currently in the process of producing the very first issue which is set to probably come out in May. They are scouting for contributors to this magazine which are basically writers, photographers and art directors; all Emiratis of course. People interested in contributing and having their work featured in the magazine is welcomed by the Emirates Diaries and they don’t have to be professional writers; you just need to have the passion for it.

So sign up if you wish to be a part of this great initiative!

The Emirates Diaries Team:

Follow Emirates Diaries Magazine on their Twitter account here

– Untitled Chapters Team


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