Salwa Abdulla shares with us a poem that she wrote which is her first lyrical attempt while writing poetry and the team enjoys it intensely and knows many will too



There, was when I started..
Counting days and counting ages..

There, was when I started ..
Wondering is life not yet over..

People passing fast and racing..
Looking up in hope and gazing..

Five,fifty more and counting..
Balances,stocks are up and topping..

DG,VP Pro and Guru..
Names and titles people die for..

Father,mother in elder shelter..
Begging,praying oh god keep him safe..

You and me in loop and aging..
Still hoping life is never over..

Words are fake, hopes are fake..
When me and you are still in wonder..

There, where all are standing..
In front of god and convincing ..

There, where all are standing..
Good heart is all that’s counting..

Author: Salwa Abdulla


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