Meeting with Viva Magazine

The Untitled Chapter Founder, Fatma Al Bannai has been looking forward to this meeting for a whole week. Today she met with the fabulous Jo Upcraft, Editor of VIVA Magazine! Yes The VIVA Magazine! The meeting was such an insightful and brilliant one in which Jo wanted to feature Untitled Chapters and its members in a feature within the magazine. Both Fatma and Jo spoke about Untitled Chapters and what ideas can the two share with each other and they were able to come up with an idea that would be great for both parties.


A paragraph that each member can write about being a Female Emirati growing up in Dubai and seeing these changes happening around them? What do they think of them

Additionally to the statement above, members can choose various topic that are a mystery to none Emiratis living in the Emirates and shed some light into them, which would then tell a bit of the Emirati Culture and possibly break some stereotypes that people might have built up over the Emiratis Culture. The topic include:

  • Abayas and wearing the Sheila (Taken by Shamma K)
  • Emirati Marriages (Taken by Amna Al-Falasi)
  • Emirati Fashion sense
  • Emiratis are materialistic? (Taken by Afra)
  • Views on Westerners within the UAE ( Taken by Shaima)
  • When we were children, Growing up in Dubai (Taken by Shahd)
  • Traditional eating habits
  • The belief that Expats sometimes have about Emiratis being so unapproachable (Taken by Fatma Al Bannai)
  • Other methods of having fun other than the stereotypical “Shopping” (Taken by Maryam Al Mansoori)
  • Emirati ladies in the workplace (Taken by Salwa Abdulla)

Or any other topic that comes to mind that you think would be interesting to know about. DM us the topic you wish to write about.


  • W’re afraid that the topic mentioned above are on First-come-first-serve basis which mean that once a member has claimed a topic then another member can’t writer about it
  • As much as we hate constricting writers, it is only one paragraph so try to make it as close as possible to that. 250-300 words is what they are looking for
  • The article should be factual, meaning based on facts
  • Your own point of view, preferably you would write it in a first person’s perspective
  • When you submit your article, please provide us with  a phone number/email (it will be confidential don’t worry about that =p)
  • Reflect what you truly think about the topic =p Be honest
  • Have fun ^^

The deadline for these are the 30th of January 2012. The submissions should be sent to the magazine around that time so that they would be able to include in the next magazine.

Keep it mind: ideally they would like to take everyone’s picture although this is not completely necessary if you don’t want to

We’re calling an Emergency Meeting just for this on Wednesday the 18th of January 2012 for the members who are interested in being featured and wish to discuss this further or to ask any questions. DM us for details on time/place

So if you’re interested in being featured in one of the best magazines in town, let us know ^^

Lets get you ladies published ^^

Update 1 April 2012: The Untitled Chapters feature is now out in the April edition of VIVA Magazine! Pick up your copy now! 

– Untitled Chapters Team


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