Life to the Fullest

The Team welcome its first Guest Writer Abdulla AlZaabi, who has shares with us a piece of his poetry Titled: Life to the Fullest

Stop complaining if your life was bad
Life is mixed between happy and sad
No one gets to live all his life just glad

Even happy people you see have hard times
But they have in their life some rules & signs
That after each dark night, the sun always shines!

Even in darkness you can see a star
Always beautiful, but sometimes far

Shows us that worries are here for reasons
They go and come just like seasons

Beneath them are lessons to understand
But you won’t, if you don’t, strongly stand

Learn to live your life to its most
Not under fear, your not a ghost
Just give it, and live it, before its lost

Don’t waste your tears, just stop that cry
Stop killing your heart, don’t let it die
You can own the world if you give it a try

Author: Abdulla AlZaabi

Find more of his work in his Blog here


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