The Irony of Life

Rap can be considered one of the many forms of poetry, Maryam Al Mansoori displays that in her newest piece about the importance of turning over a new leaf to be a better person. Enjoy 🙂

People say; after the rain comes the rainbow

Who are they to state that? Their completely insane.

Once they hear the story of the life around me.. The suffering , the pain..
They shall change their point of view, become less vain..

When it comes to help and charities..nobody seems to care..
But the news of new concerts,drug stores, everyone starts to share..

When they have what’s enough they don’t appreciate..
They go buy a new car, and a fuss they create
This or that? Red or black? Fast or slow? They debate.
Don’t they care about people dying? Violence,& hate?
Instead of wasting money on luxury, go set a date

To give those less fortunate around you and make their dreams come true.
Imagine yourself in their place, don’t you think they feel bad when you..

Spend your money on stuff that are ‘ extra’ and don’t give them some?
Don’t you know you’re down days, are scheduled to come?

And when your bad days come along
You’ll feel just how they felt , sing a depressing song
And when you need someone to help you
Nobody’s going to come around to get you through

So there will be days when there’s no rainbow
This is life,
Depressed emotions will eventually show
No ones perfect, nobody can claim to be..
There is sadness in the eyes of every he or she..

To change what’s happening , all you can do
Is have faith in yourself, and god too

Don’t follow what is wrong..

Think about others, don’t be selfish as you were before
That’s how you’ll leave a mark in everybody’s hearts core!!

Author: Maryam Al Mansoori


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