‏Minutes to spell Pro-cras-ti-na-tion: Five

Procrastination is an issue that follows a lot of people around, with writers it really hinders thier progress on their work and making deadlines. New comer writer Salwa Abdulla gives us all some advice on how to overcome this habit.

”  It is eight am on a nice Saturday morning, and I have decided to learn how to spell the word procrastination in just five minutes. Suddenly as I was just starting I realized that I had to cuddle my cat and that was done in approximately “thirty” minutes. Then and as i was  traveling back to my desk watering my flowers felt really tempting and that was done also and it took me an “hour” of hard work.. It is 8 pm on that same Saturday and still am hands full organizing my bookshelf! ”

This journey of going forth and back on a task is the main personality highlight for all procrastinators. Procrastination is not seen by many people as a problem; however, it has been the core reason for many of their delayed or cancelled dreams.

People procrastinate due to different reasons some of these reasons are hidden deeply into their personalities as a result of certain parenting styles that did not enhance the freedom of choice and decision making concepts. Some procrastinate just because they enjoy the level of adrenaline rush that comes with doing things at the last minute or it might be because they prefer not to take the responsibility of the consequences that comes from decision making so they just keep things unsolved for the longest period possible.

Many methods are identified to help overcome procrastination, one of which is the STING method which is developed by Rita Emmett, author of “The Procrastinator’s Handbook”.

The letters in STING simply refer to:

S = select task

T= time yourself

I= ignore everything else

N = no breaks

G= gift (give yourself a reward)

If people realize that they might not have the pleasure of “the coming hour ” or ” couple of days” or “within 5 days”, then they will start dealing with procrastination with a higher level of severity.  Many of our wasted dreams and lost opportunities happened because at certain times we just didn’t feel like doing the tasks we were supposed to do. So, let’s give our dreams and great ideas a chance to see the light in 2012 by saying “I will stop procrastinating TODAY not TOMORROW”  

Author: Salwa Abdulla


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