Protagonists and Heros

There’s a Hero in every story right? Actually not necessarily….

So then what’s the main character called? They are usually labeled Protagonists

So then the Protagonists is the hero? Not really, there is a slight difference between the two which is really very simple.

A Protagonists is the main subject / character of the story

A hero is a human being who has extraordinary qualities and is often the main character of the story.

Protagonists are regular people, so if you’re book is a contemporary one with no paranormal activity in it, your main character would be considered a Protagonist

Creating Protagonists can be a simple yet daunting task, seeing that they are just regular people with no special qualities or superpowers then you would need to work harder in order to get the reader invested and interested in your Protagonist; because to be honest if your reader does not find your Protagonist interesting then chances are they won’t care less what happens to them; which could badly affect your book seeing that the a lot of stories revolve around the Protagonist

When creating your Protagonist keep in mind the following to help you to identify an interesting character:

  • What draws you to people? What is it about them that you personally find interesting? Perhaps other reader might be interested in the same types of personalities or qualities as you are
  • Who are the people whom you admire? people you admire have certain qualities that make people like and admire them so think about those types of Qualities when creating your Protagonist
  • Real Life Heroes that are inspiring
  • What sort of Protagonist do you want your reader to see?

It is essential to create an immediate bond between the reader and the Protagonist therefore you should show the readers why they should care about your Protagonist. Best way to do this is to show the Protagonist’s characteristic through Qualities that they have rather than their actions. Qualities build up the Protagonist’s personality and therefore their actions will be built based on that

Future posts will consist of the many ways that a writer can create this bond between the reader and their Protagonist so stay tune!

– Untitled Chapters Team


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