An Homage to 2011, A Salute to 2012

We kick off 2012 with a peice written by Amna Al-Falasi who muses of 2011 as well shares her thoughts on welcoming the new year of 2012; which the team is sure that many of us can relate to.

2011 thank you for being an extraordinary friend you have held my hands in tough and hard times. You were there when I needed guidance and a shoulder to cry on. You have presented endless opportunities and great doors have opened for me thanks to your kindness and generosity. During my journey with you I have laughed, cried, gained wonderful friends and bonded with old acquaintances.

Although you have thrown huge obstacles and difficulties at me it made me grow as a better human being. You were always unreservedly frank with me in matters of the heart, mind and soul. In my moments of despair, bereavement and confusion you have tolerated me by not judging, not criticizing, not ignoring only by accepting, supporting and listening to me.

Today the respect that I hold for you can’t be put in plain words and I will always remember and cherish the great times and the unforgettable memories we had together.

I bid you farewell as I welcome 2012 a new time, an exciting space and a thrilling future.

I hope you 2012 will be a good friend like 2011 and treat me with respect, warmth and affection. 2012 hope you can find it in your heart to engulf me completely in your tenderness and care for me like how 2011 did. Without a doubt you will find me a very kind and appreciative person if you are willing to take the time to get to know me.

My hopes and dreams for our new potential friendship is; for you to defend me courageously and to stand by me in my pursuit of existing realities and unfulfilled wishes.  Also, to always perpetually bestow your wisdom, health and knowledge on me.

2012, be kind to allow me to end all grudges, resentments and hatred which I carry in me like poison and to come out stronger and fearless when facing new struggles and complications. I promise that I will let go of the past and start a fresh new beginning and forgive all those who have hurt me and welcome new relationships with open arms.

I wish for a community of progressive friends, who are ready join me in my journey of celebrating the free mind and pursue the true meaning of maturity and self development.

I dream of a pleasant world where people live in harmony and treat one another with dignity, respect and integrity.

2012, I believe that every end is just a new beginning; I shall keep my strength and determination unshaken trusting you would be my reassuring presence.  You are a tie to the past, a road to the future and with faith and courage we shall conquer no matter what comes our way and hinder our paths together. Therefore I have faith in you to do the right thing for my intellect, wellbeing, spirit and happiness.

I salute you 2012!

Author: Amna Al-Falasi


4 thoughts on “An Homage to 2011, A Salute to 2012

  1. Masha Allah very well expression of feelings in words, may this year be a rocking year for you in achieving what you have been desiring for !!

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