Brief: Untitled Chapters Meeting # 1

The Untitled Chapters team is proud to say that the 1st meet up on the 28th of December 2011 in the Pavilion with its members has been a success!

Our Founder, Fatma Al Bannai started off the meeting with talking about what the community is all about as well as clarify whatever doubts that the members had.

The team was able to meet with some fabulous ladies who are members of this community and get introduced to what their passion is in terms of writing.  We had Afra who is interested in Poetry, Poetry slams to be more specific =p as well as give poetry workshops from time to time. We had Maryam who was interested in writing poetry in both English and Arabic and has brought along a friend, Zainab who showed up to show her support to us ( ^.^); We also had Nourah who has also had an interest in poetry as well. We also had the pleasure of Noura Noman, an Emirati Children’s author who has recently finished an Sci-Fi Young Adult novel written in arabic which is mind boggling but is an amazing step forward in Arabic literature. We also had the pleasure to have Rupert from the Sharjah International Book fair team come and join us to discuss multiple ideas that could be a collaboration of their support and our team for events that would be planned next year, so watch out for those being announced. We were also joined by Dima, who teaches English and is a lecture in Creative writing, the team will be collaborating with her for next year’s events as well.

Issuing a yearly schedule for the meetings that will be conducted has been discussed and will be released shortly in January. This schedule will be an easy way for Emirati ladies who wished to join us for the meetings to know ahead of time when these meetings will be conducted so that they can make plans for that. Though the does want to point out that more events are most likely going to be added to that schedule as the year goes on and as the team organizes them.

The meetings that are set will have a more focused agenda where the members can discuss their work with the other members and receive feedback on what they have written, creative criticism is an essential part in any writers work and helps in improving what they do which is what the team wishes to do in these meetings.

We would like to thank everyone who has attended the meeting and to those who showed their interest through twitter, as mentioned above there will be plenty of meetings and events that you can attend in the future.

We are now hyped for the future of this community and the members, we have a feeling 2012 is going to be a great year for the team and Female Emirati Writers across the U.A.E

– Untitled Chapters Team



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