Through your characters eyes

There are different ways where you can choose to tell your story; the most common ones in the market at the moment is writing in the First or Third person point of view.

A 1st person point of view is a story written from the perspective of a single character, it would seem as if the character is speaking to you or that you are inside that character’s head, hearing their every thought clearly and knowing their emotions. This is a very effective writing style to use due to the many advantages it gives the writer in reaching the readers, these advantages include:

  • It makes the book very personal because the reader goes into the character’s thoughts and emotions
  • You will be able to look at the events and other characters from a single point of view and eye

Of course with advantages there are a few disadvantages to using a 1st person’s perspective:

  • While the reader will be able to see one character’s thoughts and emotions, they will not be able to see these aspects for the other characters who are equally as important as that character and therefore the writer needs to bring those aspects out from the characters with putting in extra effort in show their thoughts and emption through their actions and dialogue.
  • The reader will only know things that your main character will know. Things that are unknown to that character will remain unknown to the reader.
  • This could limit you to what you can do with the characters.

Writers need to be careful when writing in a first person’s perspective due to the fact that the writer needs to ensure that their main character is someone who the readers will care about; if the readers don’t like or care for that character they wouldn’t care about their thoughts and feelings. The writer also needs to ensure consistency and give them enough details in that character in order to gain the trust of the reader.

There is also a rare technique that writer’s use which is to write in the 2nd person’s perspective. This can be defined with one word; “You” in which the writer makes the reader feel as if they are the character themselves and that the author is talking about them.

A 3rd person’s point of view is a story written in which you, the authors, tells the story and is control of everything that goes on. There is a disadvantage of the writer not able to control the shifting that happens between the multiple characters that they wish to portray in the story however the large advantage of using a 3rd person’s perspective is that readers will be able to know what is going on in multiple character’s head and have a better understanding of different characters within the story.


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