A Novel or Short Story

Many inspiring writers often state the “I’m going to write a novel” line.

But what exactly is a novel? 

A Novel is, to put it quite simply a story. Yes just a story that has a Beginning, Middle and End.

Well then, What is a short story then?

A short story is exactly the same, it has a Beginning, Middle and End.

So what’s the difference? Are short stories considered to be novels but are just shorter in length? 

Technically yes however there are two main differences between a novel and a short story.

A short story is all about one incident or conflict that the characters must face. A short story has only one point to prove and one goal to achieve. Therefore it will have fewer characters, subplots and twists

A novel on the other hand, is longer therefore it will include multiple subplots, more characters (main and side characters) and it will deal with more than one issue or incidents that would eventually lead to the climax of the story.

Therefore it really depends on what is type of story you want to tell, if you want to have a story with multiple complex issues and incidents then you will find yourself drafting out a novel but if you are looking for a single event that would define what you’re story is about then you would be writing a short story

It really doesn’t matter if you write either, what is most important for a writer is decide carefully what they want to include in their story and why. Adding multiple subplots or incidents which does not add value or tie in with your story and its sole purpose is to only lengthen your story will only make your novel weaker. A good novelist will be able to tell the story to the reader everything they need to know about a character or the story itself without making it too short that the reader wouldn’t be able to know what exactly led to the story’s conclusion or too lengthy that the reader would get bored or irritated with it.

Either method you choose, it all depends on you as a writer

Happy Writing

– Untitled Chapters Team


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