Writing Groups

Many writers tend to emphasis on the importance of an author being apart of a writing group, may it be face to face or online. There are many writing communities around the world, in which the majority share generally the same sort of benefits that writings tend to receive when joining a group, which is what the Untitled Chapters writing community wish to give to their members and writers. But what are these benefits anyway? why bother with meeting with people you don’t know to discuss writing when you can just sit at home and write. You’d be surprised on how much benefits can writers gain from joining a writing group. Some of these benefits include:

Discipline and Motivation.

When everyday life come in the way of writing, having your calendar booked allows you some time to focus solely on writing and your work

 Input From Other Writers.

You may have a small fragment of ideas for a novel and what is its general theme in mind. Sometimes Comments and suggestions from others can actually help you see your novel in a whole other light, or perhaps make you think about concepts or a whole new direction on how you want your novel to flow. Of course  You don’t necessarily need to follow their advice, but it will give you a chance to think about your novel in a new light, perhaps you might like that perspective better than your original thought. You can also gain ideas when you read a sample of your work to the others, they would point out what could be done better and which parts they would like to see more of

Learning and Growing as a Writer.

Gaining experiences from other writers can be a very beneficial trait that all Writing groups have. Writers tend to share their writing style or what techniques that they use for writing which you can pick up one or two tricks which will help you improve your writing

Support and Encouragement.

Support and encouragement from other writers is crucial to every writer, regardless of the genre people tend to seek others who would look at their work and then feel like a million dollars when they praise their work. Having a group that will support you as you grow is something that every writer needs and I can almost guarantee  is that when you get your publishing contract, the group would be the first to celebrate and the first people who would buy your book

Creative Energy.

Having writers from different angles and ideas tend to get others inspired, being in a room and discussing creative ideas and thought might be the perfect opportunity to beat that writing block or to having your muse start working on fresh ideas and motivate you to write


We can’t really forget about this can we? When one chooses to go into a writing group where he is comfortable with everyone in it, friendships tend to develop and grow alongside the writing skill, you will be able to be friends with people who identify with your passion and interest which you can talk to. Meeting with other writers for a good discussion and coffee would make any writers day would it?

We hope that we will be able to create a strong community of writers that would gain what was mentioned in the article along with so much more


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