Getting Started

“I have an idea but I have no idea where to start….”

Ah yes, the question that everyone has when they are thinking of writing a book. You have the basic idea or plot in mind but have no idea where to start. What else is there for you to start? Well in order to start your first draft you should at least be able to know:

  • Have a basic outline on how your story will flow. Some writers say that the events in the story just come to them without any prior planning, that is a whole different style all together which is very admirable. Personally I can’t even write a short story without an outline. The reason why I create outlines in because a story’s events should be in sequence and one event would lead to the other naturally. If I don’t have it my plot will be all over the place. So whether you wish to have a 10 page outline (like myself =p) or a list of events that you want to have happen in your novel, it all up to you and what gets you writing
  •  You as a writer, need to be able to answer any question about your characters because you should know them more than anyone else. They are like your children only you control what they do and how they think. Choose which character you wish to have as the center of your story and who will represent your theme the best.
  • Be able to summarize what the theme of your book is about. Popular themes include (Freedom, Love, Betrayal, clash between families, friendship, war or conflict) and while each theme has been used extensively by authors from all around the world. Your story can give a new meaning to the word Freedom because no one would have been able to write in that theme as you did in your book

Planning your book takes up just as much time as the actual writing, the more you plan the more you will become confident about your book, you might be surprised on how many ideas will be generated when your brain is in full storm mood.

“I’ve been wanting to write for a long time but never have the time to sit down and actually write it….”

Real life does get in the way huh? Whenever you feel like you are ready to write something always pops up or you never find a spare moment to write in. Here are a few tips that I have picked up over several Creative Writing workshops:

  • Create a writing environment fit for you that inspires you to write. Whether it is your desk, your bed or even in your closet (yes I’ve written there as well)
  • Set a certain time for writing, may it be a half an hour before you go to sleep or an three hours in the morning while you’re kids are at school. Any style that you choose to find the time to write is perfect for you to have it in your mind that it is time to write.
  • Having a strong sense of determination & Enthusiasm with your idea helps a lot, if you are not passionate about your own idea, why would others be interested? The novel that you should write is something that you strongly believe in as a writer
  • Don’t put up any bounders. Every writer in the world, even published ones doubt themselves when they first begin to write. I say, Write to your hearts content and don’t worry about it being perfect, thats what revisions are for 🙂

When wanting to start your novel, ask yourself these simple questions:

“What is in this novel that other books don’t have? What makes it stand out, be different? What is so special about this story?”

Once you answer these questions, you will be able to have a completely new idea despite it sharing the same theme as multiple books. Those differences are what makes your book stand out from the rest of them.

I would like to end this with a very inspiring quote which says:

“When Inspiration Arrives I want it to find me working”

So if you have an idea in mind, write it because if you don’t then no one will and the story will be lost forever…

– Untitled Chapters Team


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