Theme #1 Writers Choice

Hello Writers! I don’t know about you but I’m getting excited over getting this website started and running with our first Theme “Writer Choice” now because this is the very first one, I thought why stick a theme to the picture and why not have you guys go crazy with whatever you want to write about 🙂

So basically anything goes this time around

I will be annoncing deadlines as soon as we see some entries in, I am thinking for the 15th of December but because we are still just a baby of a community, I will not set the date to that just of yet. I will be confirming the final deadline for sending us your stories

Who knows, perhaps you can be writer of the last month of 2011 =p

Announcement: The deadline has been postponed to the 31st of December. More Info here

Submissions so far: 

Happy Writing

– Untitled Chapters Team


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