Official Launch

Seeing so many communities come up in Twitter for designers and other initiatives, we began to think “Why not have something for Female Emirati writers of the U.A.E?” and so the wheels began to whirl and the clock started to tick. ¬†After careful planning and sleepless nights brainstorming, we would like to annonce the launch of a new community for U.A.E fiction writers called Untitled Chapters.

There are many stories within the Emirates who unfortunatly have not been told. The publishing industries lack stories from our countries written by actual Emiraties and after finding so many people who have a passion for writing. I have decided that a hub needs to be created in order for these Female Emirati Writers to come together, discuss their stories and ideas, provide advice and a support system for each other.

Writing is no easy task and yet people are still passionate storytellers will find all the support they need here. So if you are an Female Emirati who wishes to join a community of other writers who share the same interest then this is the place for you!


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