October Writing Prompts Challenge!

Hello writers,

We wanted to make the month of October an interactive month filled with inspiration for you all therefore we decided to try out something new!

We are excited to announce the list of writing prompts for the month of October. Here are a few guidelines for you:

  1. Write in any language you like.
  2. If you feel your piece is better deliver in an audio or video format feel free to post a recording of you mentioning us.
  3. This list is made to inspire you, if you wrote something before the actual date, save it and post it on the date of each theme.

We have allowed a few days gap between each prompt to give you enough to time to cook your desired writing piece. So what are you waiting for, sharpen those pencils and load up your fountain pens, get started with us.

You can find the prompts in the picture at the top of this post

We look forward to seeing your work

Untitled Chapters Team

Hours to be gone

Writers sometimes struggle with certain aspects about writing but good writers never give up. For Maitha AlHosani  she claims that writing short stories is always a struggle for her so we are so extremely proud of her for not giving up and wanting to put in an effort into short writing to better her craft. We hope you all enjoy her short story titled “Hours to be Gone”

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Vote for Writer of the month for our Romance theme

We are so very thrilled and amazed at the amazing entries that our Letters theme has been to our writers. There has been a total of 15 submissions! That is simply amazing and the submissions are equally amazing. The team simply couldn’t choose the Writer of the month for this one.

So instead we will leave it up to you!

Vote on who shall be the Writer of the Month for our Letters theme!

You can read all the submissions here, pick your favorite and vote

Voting ends on Sunday 14th May 2015