Hours to be gone

Writers sometimes struggle with certain aspects about writing but good writers never give up. For Maitha AlHosani  she claims that writing short stories is always a struggle for her so we are so extremely proud of her for not giving up and wanting to put in an effort into short writing to better her craft. We hope you all enjoy her short story titled “Hours to be Gone”

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Vote for Writer of the month for our Romance theme

We are so very thrilled and amazed at the amazing entries that our Letters theme has been to our writers. There has been a total of 15 submissions! That is simply amazing and the submissions are equally amazing. The team simply couldn’t choose the Writer of the month for this one.

So instead we will leave it up to you!

Vote on who shall be the Writer of the Month for our Letters theme!

You can read all the submissions here, pick your favorite and vote

Voting ends on Sunday 14th May 2015

Theme 2/2015

Our Romance theme was a thrill! We got so many amazing submissions that blew our minds!

So we are so delighted to announce our latest prompt The Travel Diaries

Traveling is an experience that cannot be described

Each person gets a whole different feeling, a different vibe and a different outtake from the places they travel to; even if just to the same place.

Which is why we would love to dedicate this prompt to your experiences while traveling; it doesn’t have to be out of the country.. it could be a road trip to a different emirates or even just a short walk or drive.

We look forward to coming on this journey with your writing

The possibilities are endless, the sky is your limit so let your creative juices flow!

The validity of this theme will be determined for how popular this theme is. The more submissions we receive the more time it will stay up

If you still wish to submit your stories that aren’t related to this month’s theme, we will still feature you on the site

Submissions so far: