The Abu Dhabi International Poetry Festival

We are so thrilled to announce that you can be apart of The Abu Dhabi International Poetry  Festival!

We absolutely love events centered around writers and this is no exception!

This annual poetry festival in Abu Dhabi is the first of its kind in the UAE and will play a major role in reviving poetry and spoken word (performance poetry) by promoting Emirati poets, Western and Arab expatriates, and international artists to the region.

The festival will provide free, writing and performance workshops, lectures and performances from prominent poets, community performance showcases, and even writing competitions leading up to and extending past the festival.

Don’t miss this cultural celebration of positive, family-friendly, entertainment.

You can now register for free at the website

Registration closes on March 5th so hurry up and sign up!

Best wishes

- Untitled Chapters Team

Website Post banners announcement

So the team has decided to do something different for 2015…

We decided that the posts that we are going to put up on the website will no longer have banners; just to save a bit of time and have the posts that our wonderful writers are sending us go up faster.

We absolutely adored and loved the banners that our amazing design team Hessa AlBanafsaj  & Eba AlHosani  <3

They have created such lovely banners over the years but you shall see more designs from them in different aspects :)

Thank you

- Untitled Chapters Team

Theme 1/2015

Love is in the air and we are so thrilled to kick off 2015 with it’s first theme, Romance!

The Romance genre is huge in the publishing world!

Romance can often be incorporated in different genres of fiction and poetry

And Romance has so many sub genre’s to choose from! There’s:

  • Historical Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Paranormal Romance

The possibilities are endless!

The possibilities are endless, the sky is your limit so let your creative juices flow!

What we are doing differently this year is not to set a deadline on the theme, if the theme is popular we will run it until the submissions stop but if we see that the theme isn’t getting a lot of response we will replace it with another.

If you still wish to submit your stories that aren’t related to this month’s theme, we will still feature you on the site

Submissions so far:

Vote on 1st Prompt of 2015!

We want to hear from you, our dear family of writers and let you choose which prompt you want to write for!

We are changing our format a little this year so instead of monthly themes with a deadline, the team has decided to post prompts and the duration of this prompt being active would be defined by the response it gets; if it is popular then it will stay up for as long as there are submissions for it; if there aren’t any submissions then we will terminate the prompt and start a new one

So vote on which prompt you would like to write about

Voting ends Sunday Feb 15th 2015

Vote for Writer of the month for our Letters theme

We are so very thrilled and amazed at the amazing entries that our Letters theme has been to our writers. There has been a total of 15 submissions! That is simply amazing and the submissions are equally amazing. The team simply couldn’t choose the Writer of the month for this one.

So instead we will leave it up to you!

Vote on who shall be the Writer of the Month for our Letters theme!

You can read all the submissions here, pick your favorite and vote

Voting ends on Sunday 15th Feb 2015